6. Fundraising

imagesWe are happy to launch the second phase of our fundraising campaign. We are truly thankful to all our supporters, colleagues, art comrades, friends, family, and anonymous donors who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign. With your support we raised over 3K dollars that will pay for most of the design and printing of our exhibition catalogue. Making socially conscious work that tackles the narco-economy and the war on drugs can be a hard sell in today’s light-hearted contemporary art world. We hope you know what a difference it makes to support emerging women artists such as Adriana Corral and Alma Leiva, whose work bridges the gap between art and human rights, and produces alternative knowledge on those who live intimately with violence in Mexico and Central America. 

In this second phase, we expect to raise funds to cover the remaining expenses of the catalogue’s production as to collect additional funds for the exhibit’s second iteration at Balzer Art Projects in Basel, Switzerland at the end of this year. If you haven’t contributed to the project, we invite you to learn more about it, and truly hope you decide to support us! Many thanks!

Co-curator Tatiana Reinoza tells us more about this fundraising campaign.

Video en español. El co-curador Luis Vargas nos cuenta más de esta campaña de recaudación de fondos.

Opening this Fall, from August 16 to December 18, at the University of Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art and the Notre Dame Center for Arts & Culture, the first edition of Counter-archives will feature the work of Adriana Corral and Alma Leiva on Ciudad Juárez in Mexico and San Pedro Sula in Honduras. A second iteration of the exhibition will then open at Balzer Art Projects in Basel, Switzerland in December 2015.

We have partnered with Copilot Press to design and publish a limited run of 1000 catalogues with full color reproductions. Contributors to the catalogue include essays by Sociology professor Gilberto Cardenas, UN’s Human Rights defender and Law professor Ariel Dulitzky, and Latino literature professor Marisel Moreno, as well as two curatorial essays on the art historical narratives behind the exhibit’s artistic projects. Catalogues will be donated to libraries, museums, and cultural centers in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

But we need your help to make this important art+human rights project possible. Your support will help us with two crucial aspects of the project:

  • Finalizing the production of a bilingual exhibition catalogue
  • Raising additional funds for the exhibit’s second iteration at Balzer Art Projects in Basel, Switzerland

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A small donation is just as important to our goal as a larger amount.

  • Perks 1-3: For your $5, $10 0r $20 contribution your name will be included in our acknowledgment list on our website.
  • Perk 4: A $25 donation will also get you a digital copy of the catalogue.
  • Perk 5: For a $50 donation, you will receive a print copy of the catalogue by mail.
  • Perk 6: At the $100 level, you will receive a special limited art edition by Adriana Corral and Alma Leiva.
  • Perk 7: For $500 you will receive a special limited art edition and sponsorship credit in the catalogue.

You can donate here using any Credit Card or PayPal account.

IMPORTANT: Once you have entered your card or PayPal info, the system will take you to a page to “Review Your Donation.” Before approving your donation, please open and fill out the box “Add special instructions for the Recipient.” On that box, please specify the Perk Number that corresponds with the amount of your donation and also provide us with your name, email & mailing address so that we can email or ship you your perk. Perks will be delivered by November 2016.



Our heartfelt thanks to the kind individuals who have donated to our campaign!

We especially would like to acknowledge the contributions of:

Mariola Alvarez

Raúl Ariza-Barile

Dorota Biczel

Paula Bossa

Doris Bravo

Taína Caragol

Laura Carrillo

Karen Cordero

Rosario Corral

Alice Dark

Ursula Dávila-Villa

Ricardo Dominguez

Deborah Dorotinsky

Daniel Giglio

Rocío Gill

Julianne Gilland

Andrea Giunta

Julia Hendrickson

Joseph Hunter

Cristobal Jácome

María Teresa Jiménez

Jorge Jiménez Rentería

Jennifer Josten

Michael LaDeau

Carla Medina

Mark Menjivar

Marisel Moreno

Nadia Moreno Moya

Scott Noltel

Theresa Noyes

James Oles

Gary Olson

Adriana Ortega

Jennifer Peña

Aaron Ripplinger

Marena Robles

María Teresa Rodríguez

Carmen Jayne Scho

Patricia Smothers

Sebastian Souyris

Gina Tarver

Neesha Thakkar

Adam Thomas

José Luis Vargas

Elvira Vargas-Lennard

Alba Rosa Vargas-Ovalle

Mia Villareal

Natalie Zelt

We feel honored to have your support and look forward to seeing this exhibition’s contribution to further developing a transnational dialogue between art and human rights.

-Tatiana Reinoza and Luis Vargas-Santiago, co-curators 

Austin, TX October 1, 2015


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